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Jennifer Cabellero, Grief Counselor in Texas

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Jennifer Cabellero, Grief Counselor in Texas

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Jennifer Cabellero, Grief Counselor in Texas
Jennifer Cabellero, Grief Counselor in Texas

Schedule FREE Intro Call

I understand that seeking support during times of grief can be overwhelming, which is why I offer a free intro call to help you determine if I'm a good fit for your needs. I am here to help guide you through the difficult process of coping with loss. Schedule your free intro call today and take the first step towards healing.

Fees & Rates

My current standard rate is $150 per 50 -minute session. 

I offer several sliding scale or lower-fee options based upon availability. I highly value accessible therapy. In cases where we both agree we are a good client-therapist fit, but my standard rate is outside of your financial capacity, I am generally able to offer to meet you where you are in your ability to pay. I do not require any financial documentation from you and will handle all discussion of fees with a human-to-human conversation. If I’m not the right therapist for you, my practice is full, and/or I’m unable to accommodate a manageable sliding scale fee for you, I’m happy to help you locate other resources for affordable services. 

Do you accept Insurance?

I am not currently accepting any insurance but can provide detailed statements/superbills upon request. Please note that using superbills requires assigning you a diagnosis, which is not usually a part of my standard process. 

By not accepting insurance, I am able to:

  • Offer care without assigning a diagnosis. I fundamentally believe that grief should not be pathologized as it is a normal human response to any loss.
  • Protect your privacy. There is an increased risk of the loss of privacy of your health information as a client when dealing with insurance companies; the permanent medical records that are created by insurance companies which can sometimes impact your access to health care, certain jobs, or some kinds of health or life insurance throughout the rest of your life. 
  • Provide flexibility in your treatment planning. Insurance companies require a diagnosis to determine the ‘medical necessity’ and length of your therapy.
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